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Data Analysis

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Featured Service:
Substitute Teachers on Call (STOC)

  • Are you experiencing a shortage of Substitute Tachers?

  • Are you seeking a position as a Substitute Teacher?

  • Are you changing careers and want to pursue a Teaching Career?

Featured Service:
Paving the Course (PTC)

  • Do you need help identifying trends amongst your students?

  • Are you having problems with academic performance? 

  • Seeking ways to increase parental involvement & student attendance? 


Differentiation of Instruction STEM Differentiation of Instruction STEM Differentiation of Instruction STEM Differentiation of Instruction

Research & Information Practice tells us...

Of all Children in the U.S. ...

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Our mission is to supplement school systems with data-driven and human resources that lend themselves to achieving greater student achievement.

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Paving the Course 


Paving the Course (PTC) promotes greater academic achievement by offering quality education assistance to ensure that students are successful learners. 

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Outreach Services

AOS helps public & private educational institutions uncover their greatest potential for growth and improvement by offering administrative coaching, data-driven workshops and professional development on greater academic achievement, attendance improvement and parental engagement.

School books

Substitute Teachers on Call (STOC)

We recruit & train teachers and educators to provide schools with substitutes, tutorial reinforcement, and direct instruction in various capacities.  STOC is composed of certified educators experienced in teaching via technology,  using differentiating methods to make learning engaging and exciting. 

Music Teacher

Career Switcher

Seeking a career in education? Paving the Course is the perfect solution for individuals who would like to pursue a rewarding career as a teacher here in the Commonwealth.  All levels of experience are welcome.



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Disaggregated Data is the presentation of data broken into segments, for example test scores for students from various ethnic groups instead of in the aggregate, for the entire student population.

Often test data is broken into groups of students who are economically disadvantaged, from racial or ethnic minority groups, have disabilities, or have limited English fluency, thereby allowing parents and teachers to see how each student group is performing in a school.

Aggregated Data refers to numerical or non-numerical information that is (1) collected from multiple sources and/or on multiple measures, variables, or individuals and (2) compiled into data summaries or summary reports, typically for the purposes of public reporting or statistical analysis.


Examples include: examining trends, making comparisons, or revealing information and insights that would not be observable when data elements are viewed in isolation.



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Dr. Pam

Meet Dr. Pamela Smith Ed.D,
Founder & CEO

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Dr. Pamela Smith (who has 37 years of experience in the education field) is a true asset to the business. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, a Master of Arts in Education from Central Michigan University, a Post-Masters degree in Administration from Virginia  Commonwealth University, and a Doctorate of Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.


Dr. Smith is currently a Principal and turnaround specialist. She also focuses nurturing her own companies: Ambassadors Outreach Service, Substitute Teachers on Call and Paving the Course, LLC.

Dr. Smith is currently a team leader of Richmond Involved to Strengthen Our Community Organization (RISC). Dr. Smith is also a member of Citizens Against Crime, a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and a School Improvement Coordinator.


Over the course of her career, Dr. Smith implemented various school and community engagement programs and a parent graduation/homework program which allowed parents to come to classroom, complete classroom assignments and present weekly homework assignments. After parents graduated, they were offered scholarships to get their high school diplomas. Dr. Smith implemented a study on third grade students' attendance and parental Involvement.  She also implemented various workshops on "Data Talk", "Differentiating Instruction" and "Engaging the Unengaged"! She believes that it is extremely important that our teachers, students and parents be exposed to exciting and fun-filled curricula. She is a firm believer that every student can learn --just not on the same day or the same way.

"If a child can't learn the way we teach,  maybe we should teach the way they learn." - Ignacio Estrado

Dr. Smith
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